Chlorine Producing Unit

cpu-unitChlorination of water has been used in the United States for well over 90 years and has proven to be safe, fast and effective as a disinfectant. SWIM uses a simple ready-to-use device that generates chlorine and other oxidants by the electrolysis of common table salt and water. The result is a natural chlorine solution which doesn’t affect the odor or taste of the treated water and is much safer than other forms of chlorine.

The Chlorine Producing Unit, or CPU, uses 12 volts of electricity to function, which is common in any part of the world. The 12 volts needed for the process can come from a small battery recharged with a solar panel, or a small transformer, depending on whether electricity is available or not. The devices are portable and compact, yet capable of meeting the needs of an entire village of 1,000 people. If used properly, they will last for many years of service. There are no harmful byproducts and training takes only minutes.

As a ministry, it is SWIM’s desire to make the CPUs available to as many people as possible and so our cost of production is basically your price. For just $50, SWIM can manufacture a CPU that will disinfect water for a village! Distribution to locations worldwide entails costs are in addition to manufacture.

We can also send the CPU kit directly to you to be used in conjunction with you or your church’s mission trip.

To donate towards a CPU kit, which comes with bottles, chlorine tester and the necessary items to get you started, you may mail a check for $50 to:

P.O. Box 543
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

or you may use a credit card or PayPal account by simply clicking on the Donate button at the top of the page.

Please be sure to let us know where you would like us to send your CPU. (Price includes shipping)




CPU Instructional Video

Spanish Instructional Video

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From our team member Juma in Uganda.

hello greetings brothers, I am happy to tell you we have traveled to Northern Uganda, we visited a pastor called pastor Mike Obongo, he leads a church called Christ Deliverance church and also a director of Divorce care Uganda in Lira district, he is leading a church in a community which was formally a refugee camp, where the rebel leader called Joseph Kony, used to boil human flesh and force the community people to eat, he also used to cut off woman breasts and would also pierce people's mouths with padlocks, the members in this community are really traumatized and they are still not very friendly with everyone, they had lived for over 10 years in the camp, they do not have pit latrines, No boreholes in the community, there is still camps currently in northern Uganda, the district bordering southern Sudan, because of the political instability there but we did not reach the camps, we are planning to reach there next time.

the biggest problem in this community is water source, they are requesting for a borehole and sincerely if you see the area, there is a great need for water source. because of wars the government nor other organizations or ministry could not drill water source in the area, most families are just settling down and trying to adjust from the camp life. it was a blessing to visit this area and to establish a contact with pastor Mike. we shared with him to be our contact person in Northern Uganda, so that he can be identifying the communities that are doing bad so that we can reach them and serve them with safer water.

pastor Mike has led the church for now three years, he told us he is struggling with the local people, they still behave in un cultured ways, like disposing their wastes anywhere, it's really a bad experience to see how brothers are living in such conditions, we almost failed to eat their food because of the state of life they live but where advised that if we could not eat their food, then they cannot listen to us.

great appreciations to the SWIM team, may the lord bless you
Juma Fredrick
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