Ways to support SWIM


The spiritual need of the people we work with is the most important part of all we do. Pray for the lives we come into contact with as well as the ones here that supply the funding and contacts. Pray also for safety. We travel to several countries and are exposed to many dangers and health risks. Pray for God’s guidance  in all our decisions.



It takes money to make any ministry succeed, and ours is no different. Each complete water system costs about $300. You can adopt a rural village that needs help. We never charge them for the devices; however, it is expensive just to travel to these places and do the work. This is Greg and Vickie’s full-time ministry, and they are 100% dependent upon your donations.



You can go and help in setting up systems. People are also needed to work in other areas and bring in supplies and Bibles. God can use you if you are willing.



We rely heavily on folks like you to supply us with names of people that need our help or can assist us in what we do.

Remember: It’s so easy to forget how blessed we are and overlook those who are suffering. The only difference between them and us is where we were born.


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