Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM) seeks to help people create safe drinking water while sharing the love of Jesus with them.

In many countries in the world, there is a critical need for safe water. Drilling more wells is not always the best option because these wells can still supply contaminated water, plus political, monetary, and location problems are sometimes insurmountable obstacles to safe water.

SWIM produces and distributes a simple chlorine producing unit (CPU) that generates chlorine from salt and water. Since salt is usually readily available, when added to water, chlorine can be produced as needed without assistance from outside resources. The result is a natural chlorine solution that is safe and is an effective disinfectant, allowing safe drinking water to be created.

In addition to creating safe water – one CPU can provide for an entire village! – people are also told about Jesus. Many people in remote areas are being reached by having their water needs being met – both physically and spiritually. They are introduced to safe water and to the Living Water in Jesus Christ.


The mission of Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM) is to love humankind by encouraging participation as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, providing for their physical needs, focused on safe drinking water and sharing the Living Water of Jesus Christ worldwide.


Sharing Christ’s love through water and His word.