Thankfulness in Zambia

In Eastern Province, Zambia, the people are experiencing positive health results from using the chlorine producing unit (CPU) which is purifying their water. As one person noted, “This project is really helping us by purifying the water. Thank you to all the sponsors.”


A Testimony from Zambia: Lives Have Changed!

Chlorine testimony from Zambia: Our lives have changed…Thank you SWIM!

Before a CPU (chlorine product unit) was introduced to a village in Zambia, the people there had trouble with diarrhea. Now that they are able to make chlorine and purify the water, there have been no more issues with diarrhea in the village!

Amazement in Zambia!

Through a microscope, these people in Zambia were shown all of the germs found in their water. Their expressions revealed surprise and amazement!