Would you drink from this “puddle”?

Pastor Abraham stood in front of hole partially filled with water. “I was told about a challenge with a drinking water issue, so I came to see,” he said.

Two leaders from a village in southeast Liberia showed Abraham what the people use as their drinking water source. Amazement showed on Abraham’s face. “You can drink this water now?” he asked as he looked at this “puddle” of water.

“Yeah! You can drink it!” one responded.

“Are you serious? Show me!” Abraham requested.

The two men knelt down on the muddy ground, cupping dirty-looking water into their hands to drink it. Then Abraham had to try it, so he got down by the edge of the hole and tried the water. He got up with a grimace on his face.

“There is a serious need here!” Abraham said.

Thankfully, the village was given a way to purify the water. Abraham showed them how to produce chlorine with a CPU (chlorine producing unit). “Bless God for our Magkie Foundation for providing the CPU,” he said.

Consider the question again: Would you drink from this “puddle”? The villagers in Liberia have no choice, but at least now a CPU will help to make the water safe to drink.


To see the video, click here: https://www.facebook.com/abraham.woto/videos/3884680621563681




No wells…only small streams to collect water from…

Recently, the Magkie Foundation International, Inc. purchased 12 chlorine producing units (CPUs) from SWIM. Two are reserved for medical clinics in Liberia, while the remaining ten are being distributed to people in remote villages in Liberia.

Pastor Abraham Alexander Woto received CPU training and has begun distribution of the equipment. Pastor Abraham is working with pastors to use the CPU and chlorine to reach residents for Christ. People come to church for the chlorine and receive the Gospel message at the same time.

Pastor Abraham rides to the end of the road and then has to walk an additional 4-6 hours to reach these people. Pastor Abraham said that after walking for 4-6 hours, even the clothes on his back feels heavy!

Because there are no wells, but only small streams as their source of water, the villagers in these remote areas are extremely happy and excited to receive the CPUs, so they too can have clean, safe water.