Receiving Chlorine in Nepal. Local leader Prakas Blon is testing his water with the chlorine test kit, along with one of the villagers. The village received chlorine after watching the instructional video in the Makwanpur District in Nepal.



Check Out This Joy: Young People Learning How to Make the Water Safe

Church youths were interested in knowing how to make the water safe. There was also wonderful discipleship training that took place in a little village in Nepal.



Sharing Safe Water with People in Nepal

Public awareness programs on health and safe drinking water are being shared by the Nepal SWIM team with people in Nepal where outbreaks of cholera and diarrhea are happening. These are included in the villages and in the schools to help the young people understand the importance of safe water.




Please PRAY for Nepal

An outbreak of cholera is happening in Nepal. Some people are dying and hospitals are full of people suffering. The Nepal SWIM team is trying to help by giving out CPUs so people will have access to clean water.

Heavy rains are not helping the situation, as many places have been affected by flooding.

According to one of the SWIM team members, “All of the hospital beds are filled with patients having cholera. Patients are not getting beds due to the overflow of patients. Please pray for Nepal!”

While distributing CPUs, the SWIM team is also sharing about the love of Jesus with people.

The SWIM team is presenting information about the importance of chlorine and what a SWIM chlorine producing unit (CPU) can do. Several public and student awareness programs are being conducted on drinking water purification and sanitation, trying to help prevent people from getting diarrhea and cholera.

Some areas are remote and far away from medical help. As the SWIM team member reported, “There is a lack of awareness in several localities. They are far away from the health education and sanitation ideas. Due to the cholera outbreak, families are losing loved ones. Please pray that these places are under God’s protection.”





Sharing Hope in Nepal

The SWIM team in Nepal was able to distribute chlorine to people in one of the slum areas in Nepal and show them how it works.



Devastating Floods Happening in Nepal

The floods from the Melamchi and Indravati Rivers have left 50 people missing, damaged the Melamchi drinking water dam, and all kinds of pools, plus completely destroying other parts of the region. The estimated loss is in the billions after the demolition of the river bank.




Sharing the Gospel Amidst the Bricks

A SWIM team member shared the Gospel with a family who lives in a bricks factory. The family was also given safe water drops.



Students Learn How to Produce the Chlorine

Students of a secondary school in Pokharbhinda, Nepal learned how to purify water and practiced producing chlorine with SWIM’s chlorine producing unit (CPU).

They have formed a team to produce chlorine every month for people in their villages.

Teachers also received dropper bottles for their personal use.


Why Support Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM)?

Because it is making a difference! One of the SWIM team members from Nepal, Ram Pukar, sent this post about how others are being helped in the Name of Jesus.

This family has accepted Jesus as their Savior and is coming to church with us! The man lost his sight when he was a child, so his daughter would lead him around on the street begging. His wife’s hands are paralyzed, so she can’t do anything with her hands. They have four kids and are very poor. One day the father was walking on the street, holding his daughter’s hand. As they were begging, they came to my house. I asked them about their life. God spoke in my heart to help them. I offered them food, gave them some clothes, and shared the Gospel with them. After meeting with me again, they received Jesus as their Savior!

Living under the poverty line, these ladies are being loved with the love of God by receiving needed winter clothes (scarves) as Christmas gifts.

Making Disciples in Nepal with SWIM Chlorine

Like everywhere around the world, the lockdown in Nepal due to the Corona virus is causing hardships for many people – but your support of SWIM is making a difference!

A SWIM team member sent a message saying, “By the grace of God, we are safe…It is a very hard life. No jobs, all are stuck at home, no sources of income. It is very difficult to live these days. Please pray for us.”

The SWIM team there, however, has not been idle during this time. His message continued with, “We are visiting our friends and relatives and sharing the love of Jesus, making disciples with SWIM chlorine! These days are filled with giving discipleship training to our people. Praise the Lord!”