Super WHY: Combining chlorine and Bibles for an impactful day.

It was a Sunday well spent for Pastor David Fredson Noah.  He spent the first part of the morning teaching and preaching at a church in Ulongwe, Mozambique.  Then later, he made and distributed chlorine and gave Bibles to people who had never had their own copy before!



Service Before Self!

Meet Pastor David Noah! The Mozambique SWIM coordinator helped carry a full pot of porridge to feed hungry kids. He braved the rains and made sure the children could eat. Service before self!

He also helps Mozambique to have safe, clean water by walking from one community to another, making and distributing chlorine, instructing communities on health and hygiene, and sharing Christ with everyone!




Meet Madalitso Enoch Beni

Meet Madalitso Enoch Beni, a young man from Kanyenyezi village in Vira Ullongwe Tete, Mozambique. He has dedicated his time and energy to helping his people fight waterborne diseases.

He takes time to make chlorine and then goes around to the villages sharing and teaching the people the love of Christ and teaching them to drink safe and clean water.


Madalitso Enoch Beni

Give a Gift with Impact and Eternal Significance!

Give a gift with purpose – one with eternal significance! Fund an on-site chlorine-producing unit (CPU) for those around the world suffering from unsafe water and share the gift of Jesus.

See for yourself the powerful impact people have experienced by receiving a CPU! Watch these short examples of actual people who have been helped by the CPUs and as a result have been told about Jesus.

SWIM video:

In this video, the people are extremely happy to have safe water and are thanking God for SWIM.

This is what they are saying…
“The water that we used to drink before was very bad. Even we as a community are extremely happy about this ministry. Cholera diseases are no longer in this community because are able to make our own chlorine. Even our body is free from waterborne diseases. We are thanking our Lord for this organization.

As a chief, the thing that I’ve seen, even my own father, has never seen such a thing. I’m thanking the Lord Jesus for this organization. Don’t leave us like that. Help us in other areas so that this ministry should extend to other areas around here.

We are thanking God for this ministry. Previous days even diarrhea was around here affecting everyone. Everyone was complaining about waterborne diseases because we had contaminated water before but now waterborne diseases are no more around here. We are not even going to the hospital do not stop from there. We want you to come often time. Thank you!”