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The Women Knelt Down with Joy in Their Hearts!

The SWIM Congo team visited a church and shared a chlorine producing unit with them. They also gave out Bible to the women leaders and other church leaders.

“It was a great moment for people who had never owned a Bible to have one,” said a SWIM team member.

“My heart was full as the ladies who received Bibles knelt down with joy in their hearts.”




Reaching Door to Door

The North India SWIM team went door to door to share safe water and the Living Word.



Changing Lives

The SWIM North India team also distributed chlorine in the slum area of Prem Nagar.



Sharing the Mission of SWIM

The SWIM North India team reached out to people, sharing their mission: safe water and Living Water in Jesus!


What’s Better Than Prayer Fellowship? Including Safe Water Distribution!

The North India SWIM team held a prayer fellowship and safe water distribution in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh State


The North India SWIM team also held a prayer fellowship and safe water distribution in Raipur Chhattisgarh State.



Dealing with Pain and Loss While Sharing the Hope of Jesus

There has been a lot of pain and losses during the second wave of COVID in India. Many families have lost loved ones and some of them are having to recover from difficult health issues. The North India SWIM team is reaching out to families, praying together, and giving them hope in Jesus Christ.

They are also blessing people in the Name of Jesus with the gift of safe water in the Faridabad Haryana State.



Teaching the Importance of Safe Water

The North India SWIM team taught the importance of safe water practice in daily life and included a free safe water distribution in the Delhi community.



Sharing Living Water While Making Safe Water

All nine North India SWIM coordinators were able to connect together via a Zoom meeting to share testimonies and make future plans. 

The Northeast India pastors association received SWIM training so they will be able to share with many people in unreached communities.

The SWIM North India team is sharing Living Water as well as safe water for everyone.


Sharing SWIM’s Mission with Students in India

In India, students were excited to learn more about SWIM’s mission of safe, clean water, along with discipleship training. One team member commented how these are future generations learning about Jesus and safe water which they can follow and share with the next generation!


Sharing the Good News with Safe Water in India

A SWIM team was able to share the good news with safe water to a new community in India. And another team was able to give a one-day training in Delhi, India.


Sharing the Gospel with Salt

In Old Testament times, God used salt to save people. The first miracle the prophet Elisha did involved salt.

According to 2 Kings 2:19-22 (NIV):The people of the city said to Elisha, “Look, our lord, this town is well situated, as you can see, but the water is bad and the land is unproductive.”

“Bring me a new bowl,” he said, “and put salt in it.” So they brought it to him.

Then he went out to the spring and threw the salt into it, saying, “This is what the LORD says: ‘I have healed this water. Never again will it cause death or make the land unproductive.’” And the water has remained pure to this day, according to the word Elisha had spoken.

God took care of His people in Old Testament times and He is still taking care of His people today.

Rajasthan, India is a desert-like area. Many people do not drink enough water, due to sickness that comes with the water. These two factors contribute to some people being susceptible to kidney stones.

Consider this man’s testimony as to a huge benefit of using safe water. He told about how he suffered with kidney stones and none of the medicines he tried helped him. After using SWIM safe water, his condition was relieved completely! He praised the Lord – and we praise Him too!

A SWIM member in India commented, “This is the second testimony we have received. Another benefit of the SWIM chlorine. It’s amazing how people have benefited in ways we don’t know.”

Isn’t it amazing something as simple as salt gives an opportunity to share the love of Jesus? Thank You, Jesus!



The Word and Chlorine

In Kenya, Bible college graduates are serving the people of God with the Word and with the SWIM chlorine ministry.



Without chlorine, people suffer a lot

A community in Kenya is rejoicing over receiving a chlorine producing units (CPU). They are excited because they know their lives will now be different – that the long-time suffering from waterborne diseases will be ending.

A high school chemistry teacher gave a grateful testimony as to how the CPU is helping their community to overcome the waterborne diseases.

An added blessing at this meeting was those with hearing disabilities were able to receive the full information about the use and how to produce the chlorine because a sign interpreter was in attendance!



Sharing the Word of God – This Time with Bibles

In Kenya, the SWIM team is sharing not only safe, clean water, but also Living Water through Bible training and the distribution of Bibles.

A successful Bible training and seminar were recently held for SWIM church holders who had been sharing the Word of God, but without a Bible. At this training, Bibles were given out!


Rescuing People From the Dangers of Drinking Contaminated Water

The SWIM team in Kenya will be blessing communities with chlorine producing units (CPU) as the solars, solar batteries, and solar controllers have been purchased and are ready to be distributed.

They have received many requests from various parts of the country. These people are asking to receive the Word of God and be rescued from the dangers of drinking contaminated water. The CPUs will help many people find hope again.

One SWIM team member said, “Many prayers are still needed from SWIM and our ministry here in Kenya.”


“God Has Heard Our Prayers”

In a community in Kenya, many had been suffering fro

m typhoid and other related waterborne diseases. But all of that changed when a team from SWIM disinfected the water with a chlorine producing unit (CPU).

One called the CPU a “blessing instrument that will be saving the entire village and the rest of the people in the community.”

He added, “God has heard our prayers. We are really thankful for the donors and also the bishop and the mission as a whole.”


Chlorine is Helping to Share the Gospel in Kenya

Sometimes God uses the simplest things in life to share His Word. In Kenya, chlorine is helping to share the gospel by giving a number of communities in the area their own chlorine producing units (CPU). Each CPU has made a difference in allowing them to have safe water and also to hear the life-saving news of Jesus.

According to a SWIM team member: “The CPU is a very powerful instrument for reaching every kind of person or group, to share with them the love of God.”

“Thanks to SWIM, we are experiencing a great blessing as we serve our communities.”



Fulfilling a Great Need in Liberia

Due to the high level of COVID impact in Liberia, there is a great need to help people keep their environment safe. The SWIM team in Liberia has begun conducting awareness workshops on how to make water safe for drinking.

“We were in Gbarnga, training pastors (involved in rural missions) and corrections officers from the Gbarnga Central Prison and some other leaders on how to use the chlorine producing units (CPU),” said Pastor Abraham Woto. “Just from this training, we are getting more invitations into the hinterland for missions and church planting work.”

He added, “We are trusting God that we can get more CPUs to reach more people with the Gospel while providing them with clean drinking water. Many thanks to the Magkie Foundation and SWIM partners for making the CPUs available.”

“We are expected to serve 50 new communities in five major counties across Liberia,” explained Cornelius, another SWIM team member. “Thank you for your prayers and support.”




Would you drink from this “puddle”?

Pastor Abraham stood in front of hole partially filled with water. “I was told about a challenge with a drinking water issue, so I came to see,” he said.

Two leaders from a village in southeast Liberia showed Abraham what the people use as their drinking water source. Amazement showed on Abraham’s face. “You can drink this water now?” he asked as he looked at this “puddle” of water.

“Yeah! You can drink it!” one responded.

“Are you serious? Show me!” Abraham requested.

The two men knelt down on the muddy ground, cupping dirty-looking water into their hands to drink it. Then Abraham had to try it, so he got down by the edge of the hole and tried the water. He got up with a grimace on his face.

“There is a serious need here!” Abraham said.

Thankfully, the village was given a way to purify the water. Abraham showed them how to produce chlorine with a CPU (chlorine producing unit). “Bless God for our Magkie Foundation for providing the CPU,” he said.

Consider the question again: Would you drink from this “puddle”? The villagers in Liberia have no choice, but at least now a CPU will help to make the water safe to drink.


To see the video, click here:




No wells…only small streams to collect water from…

Recently, the Magkie Foundation International, Inc. purchased 12 chlorine producing units (CPUs) from SWIM. Two are reserved for medical clinics in Liberia, while the remaining ten are being distributed to people in remote villages in Liberia.

Pastor Abraham Alexander Woto received CPU training and has begun distribution of the equipment. Pastor Abraham is working with pastors to use the CPU and chlorine to reach residents for Christ. People come to church for the chlorine and receive the Gospel message at the same time.

Pastor Abraham rides to the end of the road and then has to walk an additional 4-6 hours to reach these people. Pastor Abraham said that after walking for 4-6 hours, even the clothes on his back feels heavy!

Because there are no wells, but only small streams as their source of water, the villagers in these remote areas are extremely happy and excited to receive the CPUs, so they too can have clean, safe water.



What an Amazing Day!

This is an amazing day: lives have been transformed, people are drinking clean and safe water, and a widow’s pig gave her nine piglets!

“This is what we mean when we say reaching the whole person, the whole community, physically, spiritually, and emotionally,” explained SWIM team member Moses.



What is SWIM? Here’s a Great Explanation!

Per the Abundant Life Ministries in Malawi, here is a great explanation of what SWIM is and what it does.

“There is a saying that says, ‘Word is Life,’ but this saying is incomplete because only safe and clean water is life. Many communities drink unsafe water in most villages, leaving them sick with waterborne diseases. Some even lose their lives.

As a ministry, with support from Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM), we train communities how to make their own chlorine using a simple device called a CPU (chlorine producing unit) while we preach to them the Love of Christ who is the Living Water.

In addition to the CPU, communities are provided with a solar panel and battery which are the key components in making the chlorine with table salt added to the water.”


When you support SWIM you are making an incredible impact that is helping to create positive change, hope, and better health.




Clean Water and Living Water

At the Abundant Life Ministries in Malawi, during their community health evangelism, chlorine was distributed to people so they could purify their water, enabling them to wash their hands with clean water. The best part was the Good News was shared, the sick were prayed for, and some families who needed it received one-on-one counseling. 



Making a Difference with Clean Water

As Moses from the Abundant Life Ministries noted, “Water is life, but only if it’s clean and safe water.” One village in Malawi has been experiencing positive results from having chlorine added to their water by using the chlorine producing unit (CPU). He reported that the water is being purified and people are using the clean water to wash their hands and bathe in, which is resulting in people feeling better!



Many Miles Walked = Huge Reduction of Waterborne Diseases

At the Abundant Life Ministries in Malawi, the Water Purification Coordinator’s name is Trust. He makes chlorine at the center and then walks miles and miles into communities to distribute the chlorine and educate people on the usage, hygiene, community development, and program ownership.

Because of his willingness to do this, people are drinking safe and clean water, disinfecting their homes, and there has been a huge reduction of waterborne diseases!

“Thank you SWIM for the knowledge, equipment, and financial support!”


Girls Getting It Done!

A group of girls in Malawi got together and made chlorine to distribute around the villages so that people could disinfect their hands and water during this hard and difficult time of COVID-19.


Pumping By Hand at an Outdoor Pump

For most homes in the United States, getting a drink of water is as simple as turning on a faucet which is indoors. In Malawi, pumping by hand at an outdoor well is required.

Since safe, clean water is not readily available, SWIM teams have been distributing chlorine producing units (CPUs) to community members so they can purify the water, wash their hands, and disinfect their households.